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Our fabulous new range of faux Indian Rosewood components for musical instruments, cue making and other craft applications.

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Here is one of our new ROCKLITE® SUNDARI faux Indian Rosewood fingerboards side by side with the real thing.

January 4th 2017 saw the ratification of the CITES proposal to stop the free movement of all Rosewoods (Dalbergia species) around the world. All Rosewoods be they, raw materials, part finished or finished items now need export and import licences to legally move from country to country!

January 4th 2018 sees the launch of ROCKLITE® SUNDARI our unbelievably realistic, faux Indian Rosewood range of products, for musical instruments cue making and other craft applications.

This product is more stable and evenly coloured and has none of the grading issues expected with real Rosewood.

One of the most amazing things about this product is not only is it made from sustainable real hardwood, but as a man-made composite one would expect every piece to be the same with identical grain structure. Nothing could be further from the truth, every piece is unique with its own grain pattern and personality!


Rocklite is a man made product, engineered entirely from real, sustainable is NOT vulcanised paper!

Rocklite is designed to replicate exactly the beautiful exotic hardwoods, whose very existence is now so endangered by excessive and in some cases illegal logging.

Thereby offering a sustainable and Eco friendly alternative to the relentless march of the logging companies, further into the rain forests of the world.

In short,



So now, Luthiers, Cue builders, and other master craftsmen and women can give their clients a far more consistent, sustainable, and stable product than ever before.


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ROCKLITE® SUNDARI is a manmade product which beautifully replicates the appearance of Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) and is made from fast growing sustainable hardwood.
The fingerboards and other components have the appearance of being perfectly quarter sawn, however to achieve this look the products are actually manufactured rift sawn. This means that if a fingerboard has a heavy radius, then it will appear to be slightly slab sawn on one edge making it look even more authentic.
Despite being a manmade product every piece of ROCKLITE® SUNDARI has its own unique appearance and personality and has greater stability than true Indian Rosewood!

Home. Ebano fingerboard


Here is a close up photograph of a typical ROCKLITE® Ebano guitar fingerboard.
as you can see the fine grains of this product rival the most perfect ebony ever seen.

Rocklite® Ebano is an ebony type product that can be used very successfully in lutherie as fingerboards, head veneers, bindings and bridges

other applications for the Rocklite® product include cue buts and splices, sawcut veneer for restoration, and many other craft applications.

All of this without the headache of all the usual grading problems!

On average, less than 10% of the ebony logging yield would be considered good enough for high class lutherie, cue building and cabinet making.

This is mostly due to colour defect, splits shakes and pin worm etc.

now,with ROCKLITE® EBANO we are able to ensure that every piece is, jet black, arrow straight grained, and sawn dead on quarter!
In short, as good as the most perfect ebony you have ever seen! Every time!

ROCKLITE® Ebano & Sundari colour stability.

ROCKLITE® products are more colour fast and stable than most exotic woods.

The latest technology in Phenolic Ultra Violet light absorbers are used in their production.

During pre production testing we subjected Rocklite products many times to extreme long-term UV exposure, and in each case they held their colour far better than the natural hardwoods we were using as a comparison.

We would however always recommend that when finishing, with lemon oil, coconut oil, or any other finishing product that you use a finish containing a UV inhibitor.

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