ROCKLITE® Sundari.
Our fabulous new faux Indian Rosewood musical instrument components .
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Scroll down to see a range of Indian Rosewood replacement musical instrument parts and cue components, and the quantity discounts available to you.

Robbie O'Brien tests Rocklite® Sundari faux Indian Rosewood.

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ROCKLITE® Sundari Guitar & 5 string Bass fingerboards

Guitar fingerboards 525mm x 75mm x 8mm.

Bass fingerboards 720mm x 85mm x 9mm.

ROCKLITE Sundari guitar fingerboard

ROCKLITE Sundari 5 string bass guitar fingerboard

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ROCKLITE® Sundari Guitar Head Veneers

Head veneers 200mm x 100mm x 3mm

ROCKLITE® Sundari guitar Head veneer

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ROCKLITE® Sundari Guitar bridge blanks

Guitar bridge blank 200mm x 50mm x 13mm

ROCKLITE® Sundari guitar Bridge blanks

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ROCKLITE® Sundari Guitar bindings

ROCKLITE Sundari plain guitar bindings

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