hand made by Dave Coutts

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What Dave Coutts says about ROCKLITE®

Ebony has for many years been the industry standard for cue making.
It's specific gravity adds considerable weight to the cue, vastly improving power and balance to the cueing action.
The general perception of ebony is that it is always jet black in colour, hard and stable.
In fact, nothing could be further from the truth!
Generally speaking less than 10% of ebony is jet black and defect free.
and whilst it is, hard and dense, as with most super dense hardwoods, it can be
quite unstable and prone to cracking and splitting,So, it is certainly not a good use of this vastly diminishing natural resource.

ROCKLITE® for cue making. dave coutts cue

Steve: So Dave, how did you find working with Rocklite?
Dave: Well it works every bit as well as ebony, the grain is less directional, so if anything, it’s easier to plane.
Steve: Did you run many glue tests before making the Coutts Rocklite cue?
Dave: Yeah, I did run quite a few with a range of different glues, and to be honest, I found that it glued at least as well as ebony.
Steve: And the stability?
Dave: Oh yeah great! Being a wood engineered product it was always going to be more stable than ebony.
Steve: And what about the finishing?
Dave: Fine, it takes the polish really well, and with no more grain filling than ebony.

Steve: Thanks mate, job done! Now where do you keep the beers?

ROCKLITE® for cue making. rocklite splices

ROCKLITE® Ebano pre-cut cue splices set of 4

ROCKLITE® Ebano pre-cut cue splices set of 4
500mm x 35mm x 14mm tapering down to 3mm.

ROCKLITE Ebano pre-cut full length splices

ROCKLITE® for cue making. rocklite splice blocks

ROCKLITE® Ebano full lengh splice blanks

ROCKLITE Ebano set of 2 splice blocks

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